RHCE as of today.

Yesterday I took the RH302 Red Hat Certified Engineer Lab Exam and passed it.

I have been certified as a Red Hat Certified Engineer.

Below are my exam results:


The results of your RHCE Certification Exam are reported below.  The
RHCE Certification Exam allows candidates to qualify for the
Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) and Red Hat Certified Technician
(RHCT) certificates.  Please note that the RHCE designation is
understood to both include and supersede the RHCT designation.

RHCE requirements: score of 70 or higher on RHCT components (100 points)
score of 70 or higher on RHCE components (100 points)

RHCT requirement:  score of 70 or higher on RHCT components (100 points)

RHCT components score:                             100.0
RHCE components score:                             100.0

RHCE Certification:                                PASS

Congratulations — you are now certified as a Red Hat Certified


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  1. Very well deserved. Keep going bro, I bet you can be OCM before me 🙂

  2. Posted by Ali Fığlalı on 21/12/2009 at 10:12

    congratulations Dear Orhan, best linux admin i have ever met.
    Your score is also brilliant.
    Regards ..

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